Enforcement and Policing Technology

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As an Electro-Optical Engineering company we have employed our expertise to ensure that traffic safety is not only advanced through Engineering intervention, but also through Enforcement or Policing intervention.

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Stuttgart Model S Advanced Radar Camera

The Stuttgart Model S camera is a new generation ultra-compact 3D radar camera for roadside as fixed or mobile unit, or for use in-vehicle as a Dashcam. Compact at just 1.6kg this is an ultra-portable device with many features available only in large systems.

  • Fixed red light enforcement with signal inputs
  • Mobile tripod or semi-fixed mount operation
  • Dash-mount operation with event video recording
  • Traffic statistics ideal for traffic surveys
  • Encrypted digital evidence admissible as primary criminal evidence
  • License plate recognition on offence images
  • Operation over 5 lanes using 5 Megapixel camera
  • Ability to enforce illegal lane crossings
  • 16 hours battery powered non-stop operation
  • Linux operating system with LCD touch screen
  • Wireless flash with 868MHz transceiver
  • USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, LTE
  • In-vehicle CAN interface
  • Wired and wireless flash support
  • Visible and infrared flash

Download Model S Camera Brochure
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Radar Vision Over Height System

Radar Vision offers a multi-lane free flow over height control system. The system makes use of 3D scanning laser to accurately measure the vertical profile of vehicles.

  • Detects overheight objects as small as 10cm
  • Detects multiple lanes separately up to a typical accuracy of 12mm
  • Video or Camera recording of offenders
  • Trigger high power LED warning beacons
  • Detects vehicle in shoulder lane as well
  • Laser operation in rain
Overheight controller image Overheight controller image

High Power LED Flash

High speed photography have very little time to collect photons. In enforcement cameras typically require a long depth of field to cover multiple lanes, which require a small aperture further reducing the amount of photons per microsecond onto the optical sensor/camera. High power Xenon flash units have traditionally been used, but is impractical for mobile enforcement and also has a limited life time. Radar Vision are the pioneers in LED flash units producing a flash at an equivalent output, but much more controllable light in time and output power.

  • 5,000 Watt Output
  • Configurable output time from 0.1us up to 30ms
  • UHF 868MHz radio transceiver to receive settings and triggers from camera
  • LED display count number of flashes, indicate battery level and also recharge level
  • Built-in Lithium Polymer battery able to deliver over 10,000 flashes per charge
  • Ambient light sensor
  • External wired trigger input

Download LED Flash Brochure