Smart Sensors Fuels Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence can only act on what information it is provided. We specialise in designing, producing and integrating the best of the best sensors in the industry. A sensor is characterised by its:

  • Number of dimensions measured such as distance, velocity, angle, RSSI, field strength, temperature
  • Measurement rate of each measurement dimension
  • Measurement resolution of each measurement dimension
  • Measurement precision or repeatability
  • Measurement accuracy or closeness
  • The extent to which the environmental influences the measurements
  • Fault tolerance of the application

We believe sensors need to be fit for purpose in all the aspects mentioned above. In particular sensors need to produce predictable or expected quality of information in order to be useful. If a sensor is influenced, as is a camera during dusk and dawn, a system can overcome such a weakness through other sensors or operational limitations. Our skills and experience with sensors include microbolometers, short wave infrared, bistatic radar, monopulse radar, doppler radar, sonar, magnetic, optical and laser imaging. Contact us if you have an application that require a special kind of sensor.

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4D Tracking Radars

Smart Microwave Sensors are 4D tracking radar products and the best in its class for Roadsidde traffic monitoring as well as In-vehicle collision avoidance use. We offer clients the option to develop their own interfaces to the sensors with advice and guidance and even source code. Alternatively we provide a number of intelligent controllers to simplify interfacing for both Roadside and In-vehicle use. The radar sensors have the ability to track up to 250 pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles simultaneously in its field of view. In comparison with video solutions, radar offer longer detection ranges, more accurately, in all weather conditions at a lower price.

Typical Roadside Applications are:

  • Radar Speed and Red light enforcement
  • Stop line detection at intersections to replace inductive loops
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Freeway Management applications
  • Traffic data logging and counting
  • Wrong way traffic warning systems
  • Ramp metering control

Typical In-vehicle applications include
  • Rail collision avoidance
  • Autonomous driving of machinery in outdoor yards
  • Commercial vehicle and truck collision warning
  • Mining truck collision avoidance EMESRT Level 9 capable

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Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Magnetometer Parking Sensors

  • Configurable via Android/IOS configuration app
  • Durability tested for over 60,000 truck tyres
  • 5 year battery life
  • Long range Bluetooth capable
  • Built-in data logger (temperature and magnetic) for over 12 months logs
  • Accurate presence detection over long durations

Download Nanopod Brochure
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Indoor Bluetooth 5 Sonar Parking Sensors

The indoor Sonar operates at 40kHz and features a single transducer for higher accuracy. We employ a smart pattern matching algorithm to ensure that there is no minimum range, and that motorcycles and even poorly parked cars are accurately detected. This sensor can be deployed as a Wireless Bluetooth 5 sensor with internal 5 year primary batteries, or can be deployed as a daisy chain RS485 sensor with permanent power.

  • Configurable via Android/IOS configuration app
  • Long range Bluetooth capable
  • Built-in data logger can log parking events for over 12 months
  • Maximum range of 5m to the floor
  • Built-in temperature compensation

Download Parking Sonar Brochure
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Embedded Computer Vision

We design and produce aftermarket Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). We utilise embedded computer vision algorithms to detect objects in front of the vehicle as well as monitoring the inside of the vehicle. If you produce after market vehicle electronics and want integrate ADAS consisting of cameras and/or radar, please contact us.

  • Embedded Linux
  • Lane departure warning
  • Forward collision warning
  • Pre and Post-event recording
  • Integration with tracking hardware
  • Eye tracking
  • Remote image upload/download