Intelligent Controllers for Safety through AI

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Radar Vision is an electronic design manufacturer. We manufacture and customise electronic products and intelligent firmware. You can purchase standard products or customise the products hardware and firmware for your requirements. We have been involved in A.I. since 1992 when we started working with Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems. We specialise in Linux and Industrial Controllers employing the latest communication and interfacing technologies. We prefer having LCDs on Field Controllers to increase the mean time between failures. Field diagnostics and support is especially difficult with devices with multiple and complex interfaces such as LTE, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi.

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Stuttgart M64 Intelligent Linux Controller

The Stuttgart M64 is a new generation DIN rail mount industrial linux controller with all the industrial interfaces you need on the outside and all the AI support on the inside to build true intelligence on the edge, next to the road. We assist clients to interface to sensors and devices or allow them to load their own software. We offer these controllers with an optimised custom Yocto Linux build. The integrated high speed LTE modem offers unparalleled latency and throughput that opens new opportunities. Sensors such as radars, passive Bluetooth and WiFi scanning, inductive profile matching offer integrators the ability to build smarter and more intelligent sensors systems with roadside intelligence. It also enables sensor fusion such as radar, video and inductive vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist classification

This is the most versatile field controller with built-in 4DHD Tracking Radar interface and support for Weigh-in-motion, License plate recognition, Weather Station, Bluetooth and WiFi travel time recording as well as direct communication to Magnetometers and Video cameras

The M64 controller is offered with the following AI engines in order to make sensible decisions based on numerous sensor inputs

  • Deeplearning4j
  • OpenAI
  • Tensorflow
  • Berkeley Caffe
  • OpenCog
  • Open Computer Vision

The M64 controller offers the following key features:

  • 4G LTE 42Mbps
  • 64GB eMMC + 128GB micro SD card
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo
  • 5” Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Built-in Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • 2 * CAN2.0B Radar Channels
  • Full duplex protected RS485
  • Sensorbus up to 300 devices
  • RS232 & I2C bus for local sensors
  • Real-time clock with super-cap backup
  • 12 Software programmable Analog Input/Output/Switch, Digital Input/Output
  • Extended temperature operation

Download M64 Brochure
M32 Controller photo

Stuttgart M32 Intelligent Data Logger with Bluetooth 5 Transceiver

The M32 is a 32-bit high-end data logger in a rugged DIN rail mount package. The M32 uses a 100 DMIPS controller with reliable Ethernet and USB connectivity. The M32 Controller provide data logging onto a 32GB micro-SD card. The card is remotely available via FTP. In addition real-time parameters are available through SNMP or Web Services.

  • 2 * CAN2.0B Smartmicro Radar inputs
  • Internal Voltage & Temperature sensing
  • Long Range Buetooth 5 transceiver
  • 16 Solid State Relays with fail safe
  • 100 baseT Ethernet
  • 8 * Opto Isolated Inputs
  • 8 * 16bit ADC inputs with PGA
  • 2 * RS232/RS485/CAN
  • Micro-SD card logging
  • Composite USB port

The M32 controller is also offered as a data logger for the Smart Microwave Sensors UMRR-0C and UMRR-11 radars. In those applications the following features are available

  • NTCIP 1209 Traffic Sensor Systems communications
  • Per-vehicle data logging to micro-SD card
  • Interval data logging to micro-SD card
  • 16 solid state relay triggers mapped to events like ETA, Queue, Speed, Direction
  • Battery voltage and temperature logging to micro-SD card
  • FTP access to logging data
  • Bluetooth Travel Time
  • HTTP web interface for easy setup and diagnostics
  • In-field firmware upgrading

Download M32 Brochure
M18 Controller photo

Stuttgart M18 Intelligent Controller

The Stuttgart M18 is designed to be a highly integrated CCTV cabinet controller. PTZ cameras especially on freeways require fibre/broadband modems, power supplies and battery backup in a cabinet. The Stuttgart M18 makes the management of these cabinets seamless and reliable through the following features:

  • NTCIP/SNMP remote monitoring of cabinet and CCTV status
  • Environmental sensors like CO2, Weather and Ice sensors through NTCIP1204
  • Backup battery voltage monitor
  • Battery protection (30 Amp)
  • Cabinet temperature logging
  • Cabinet door, fan, hygrostat monitoring and control
  • RS232- and RS485- to Ethernet remote virtual serial port
The Stuttgart M18 makes your CCTV cabinets intelligent. The additional 3 relay outputs (3 Amp) can be custom programmed using our smart formula interpreter.

M8 Wireless Controller photo Stuttgart RX1 image Stuttgart RX1 image

Intelligent Bluetooth 5 Controllers

Bluetooth 5 is the new standard for copper wire. It is more reliable than RS232. It cost less than RS232. It has a longer range than RS232, any every person in the world is walking around with a terminal (phone) that instantly provide Modem, GPS, Touch screen, lots of storage to any device that has Bluetooth. Our Bluetooth 5 devices all offer

  • 19dBm high power Bluetooth transceiver
  • Narrow band long range mode - Over 5km range
  • AES 128/256,SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256) and ECC Crypto
  • 32bit Processor with DSP and Math co-processor
  • Ultra Low Power - Up to 5 years on coin cell battery
  • Extended Temperature

Additional features available depending on the particular model
  • 12-bit Analog inputs
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Solid State Relay Outputs
  • Optically Isolated Inputs
  • RS232/RS485 interfaces

The Stuttgart RX Modem offers a cost effective way of communcating directly from Bluetooth 5 Long Range over a Cellular network. The system utilise a 32-bit processor with extra storage and a cellular modem.
Download Bluetooth Receiver Brochure

Stuttgart S18 photo

Intelligent 19" Rack Controllers

The 19" rack controllers offer environment and power monitoring at a next level. The controllers are very similar to the Stuttgart M32, but in addition provide extensive power quality as well temperature, light and humidity sensing. The power monitoring include Dual-3 Phase power quality monitoring at ANSI/IEC grade 6 up to 2.5kHz harmonics

  • IEC 62053-21-23 accuracy
  • Channel A, 3 phase voltage up to 400V, 4 CT up to 200A
  • Channel B, 3 phase voltage up to 400V, 4 CT up to 200A
  • Phase sequence monitoring
  • Neutral Fault Detection
  • Harmonics up to 2.5kHz
  • kVA/kVAr/V/I/PF on all phases

This controller
  • HTTP Web interface
  • SNMP realtime power reports
  • Dot Matrix LCD front panel
  • Lithium Polymer backup battery
  • Up to 63 Temperature/Humidity sensors
  • Up to 300 Digital Input/Outputs
  • Up to

Download Power 6 Brochure

Traffic Controller photo

Next Generation Intelligent Traffic Controller

The Stuttgart Model X Traffic Controller represent the future of traffic control: compact, modern, reliable, fully integrated. With a multi-core processor it paves the way for advanced safety features and AI on the road. This single unit consist of 2 boards, (1) Mainboard (2) Power Board

This controller has the following Communication Interfaces already built-in on the main board:
  • LTE with MIMO Antenna support and GPS time source
  • Dedicated Short Range V2X Communications
  • WiFi with simultaneous Client and Access Point mode
  • Bluetooth including Bluetooth Travel Time capability
  • 4 channel 4D Tracking Radar Interface
  • 16 programmable I/O for push buttons and other digital I/O
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 4 USB ports
  • Up to 24 AC/DC drive outputs

Adding additional detector or Input/Output can be achieved through Stuttgart USB expander board.
The Power Board supplies power to the main board through integrated AC-DC power supply. It also host 8 channels (24 outputs) of AC or DC lamp drive circuits with full Conflict Monitoring capability. Each output is individually fused on the board. Another drive board can be added using the same space footprint to achieve 48 signal outputs which include Flasher and Pedestrian outputs. Output Flashing can be controlled with 6 flash speed modes. Flashing can be synchronised, inverted or free running. The Conflict Monitor has voltage and current sense built-in for all channels. The conflict matrix is installed on a micro-SD card that is on the power board. The power board has the following features:

  • 24-48 Outputs up to 264VAC and 500W per channel
  • Input Isolation of 3000V
  • IEC 62053-21-23 accuracy kVA, kW, kVAr, kW billible and Power Factor
  • -40℃ to 85℃
  • Conflict monitor with conflict cause display - more detail on main LCD or Bluetooth
  • Police panel inputs

The processor board supports the 7" Capacitive touch screen as well as 64GB eMMC storage, 16GB RAM

You really do not need any other peripherals - this is a complete traffic cabinet that is 1/2 the size of a A4/Letter paper!

Download Traffic Controller Brochure