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Radar Vision is a design manufacturer that manufacture various products. We offer highly customised products to our clients. Clients have the option to OEM/white label the products or purchase them as a final product. We offer

Stuttgart M8 range

The M8 controller is a low cost device that allows you to tie existing equipment to your Ethernet or IP network. The following options are offered

  • 4 optically isolated inputs
  • 4 solid state relay up to 1.2 Amp
  • 4 single ended or differential 16-bit analog inputs
  • RS232/RS485 interface with Modbus support

The Ethernet/IP interfaces that are supported are

  • Virtual serial port over TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • HTTP web interface with JSON support
  • Web services

The M8 wireless is a very capable compact controller with a UHF wireless transceiver. The M8 wireless can be battery powered, allowing complete galvanic isolation for high voltage installations or installations that are prone to lightning or surge damage. The M8 wireless is able to operate 5-10 years on a single Lithium Thionyl battery pack. The M8 wireless is a DIN rail mount controller smaller than a typical circuit breaker and offer the following interfaces

  • 4 optically isolated inputs
  • 4 solid state relay up to 1.2 Amp
  • 4 single ended or differential 16-bit analog inputs
  • RS232/RS485 interface with Modbus support

Stuttgart M18 range

The M18 is a controller that is optimised for field applications. It allows remote control and remote monitoring to CCTV sites or other field installations, especially battery backed-up installations. It offers the following physical interfaces

  • 10/100 base T ethernet
  • Built-in battery voltage monitor
  • Built-in 30A battery protection relay
  • Electrical lock control through a secure and rugged iButton interface
  • Built-in cabinet temperature sensor
  • 3 * differential analog inputs
  • 6 * optically isolated digital inputs
  • 3 * 3A fused 250 VAC relay with 4000 VAC galvanic isolation
  • 1* RS232 and 1 * RS485 to Ethernet virtual serial port
  • SD card interface for loggging
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS modem

Stuttgart M32 range

The M32 is a 32-bit high end microcontroller-based data logger, Programmable Logic Controller and Ethernet controller in one simple DIN rail package. The M32 is a 100 DMIPS controller built around Ethernet, USB and GSM connectivity. Additionally the M32 offers the following integrated peripherals and interfaces

  • Sub 1 GHz radio transceiver
  • 16GB logging space
  • Controller Area Network (CAN 2.0B)
  • RS485 half duplex and full duplex
  • Dual RS232 interface
  • Battery backed-up realtime clock
  • 16 * Solid state relay driving up to 1.2 A each
  • 16 * Optically isolated digital inputs
  • 20 * software programmable analog output, input, digital switch, digital input, output.
  • Audio input/output
  • High speed SPI expander to further IO
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • External battery monitoring

We offer the M32 with a number of software capabilities

  • Modbus/TCP
  • oBIX (Open Building Information Xchange)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • HTTP put/post/get
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

Stuttgart S18 range

The 19" rack controllers offer server room environmental monitoring with support for a number of generator controllers, UPS interfaces as well as access control/security features. The controller is offered with built-in battery backup

  • Class 1/2 surge protection with remote monitoring
  • WiFi local access point, or WiFi client
  • IPsec/OpenVPN secure server or client
  • GPS time source
  • Humidity/Temperature bus
  • 16 Digital Inputs
  • 3 Analog Inputs
  • 2 * RS232/RS485
  • 30A software controlled AC switch on/off of scheduled switch
  • 2 * 3A AC switch
  • iButton/Keypad access control
  • SNMP/Web services

Stuttgart M64 and P16 high-end controllers

Our Stuttgart M64 feature a 1 GHz ARM processor and is supplied with Debian. The Stuttgart P16 features 18 processing cores running at 1GHz plus high speed programmable logic. Typical features include

  • 4.7", 5" or 7" touch screen LCD
  • 64GB UHC flash storage
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 20 software configurable analog input/output or digital input/output or software controlled switch
  • Debian Linux operating system

3rd Party interfaces available through Stuttgart

We support the following 3rd party interfaces through the Stuttgart range

Medium Range Radar

Smart Microwave Sensors are 24GHz 3D and 4D tracking radar products. The products are used for

  • Speed enforcement
  • Stop line detection at intersections replacing inductive loops
  • Traffic responsive detection before intersections to improve traffic flow
  • Freeway and urban traffic counting and classification
  • Automotive and Rail collision prevention
  • UAV and drone altitude control
These radars are able to detect and classify pedestrians, bicycle, motor car and heavy vehicles up to a maximum distance of 500m. The radars are also able to individually track the exact location up to 128 individual moving targets at a rate of up to 20 times per second. In traffic applications these are the only sensors capable of measuring true acceleration and deceleration or driver response to varying conditions. Contact us for a quotation or demonstration.

short range radar image

Short Range Radar

Our short range radars are typically used in Security applications and has a maximum range of 80m. It is installed in and around buildings to provide pre-warning. The advantages of these radars are

  • Very low cost sensors
  • Much lower false alarm rate than beams and other outdoor sensors
  • Integrated UHF (wireless) transceiver
  • Contact closure and networked RS485 interfaces
  • Ability to do classification for example between humans and passing cars
  • Unaffected by weather conditions
Contact us for with your specific application and we can customise this for you.
citilog camera image

Video Detection

The Citilog video detection cameras and incident detection software area leading the way in video detection. The Xcam products offer

  • Accurate presence detection at security gates and intersections
  • Integrated video streaming
  • Queue length measurement
  • Gridlock detection
  • Static occupancy measurement
  • Incident detection on motorways
  • Multi-lane detection
Contact us for a quotation or on-site demonstration.
sonar image

Acoustic/Thermal sensors

We have designed a compact combined sonar at 40Khz and thermal imaging sensor at 2-7um sensor. This sensor is useful for detecting stationary humans, vehicles and machinery. The thermal sensor also allow friction to be measured. Contact us if we can customise this product for your application.

TSP receiver image

Stuttgart UHF beacon/transceiver

The Radar Vision UHF beacon and transceiver is a compact automotive grade UHF modem or intelligent transceiver. The transceiver operates in the 868MHz or 434MHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical license free bands. The Radio Transponder is able to report location as well as other metrics to other Transponders or to Intelligent Controllers. The transponder is offered in ISM and licensed band versions. The transponder is offered in 10dBm, 20dBm and 30dBm versions to achieve radio range up to a few kilometers. Additional sensors/devices can be connected to the tranponder and will be relayed to the intelligent controller. The tranponder can also log data and download when near an intelligent controller

  • Compact/Rugged unit with 8-60V DC supply
  • RS485/RS232 and IO interfaces
  • GPS/GSM interface
  • Automatic many-to-many network mode with RF collision management
  • Test modes with user status/configuration on LED display
The transponder is able to upload configuration from the intelligent controller to on-board equipment and sensors. The transponder can also relay information from other transponders in forming an ad-hoc mesh network. Contact us for a demonstration or with your customization requests. Please note that changes to the radio circuitry will require radio re-certification in your region.

BLE tag image

Bluetooth Low Energy

Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transponders have a range

  • Up to 500m effective range to beacon
  • Up to 40m effective range to cellphone
  • 3 axis accelerometer (Gyro & Compass optional)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Digital inputs/RS232 UART
  • 3-5 year battery life
  • Distance measurement capability
  • Mass 3D printed - every unit can be different shape and colour
Contact us for pricing on different models and colours.

RUT955 image

Intelligent 3G/LTE routers

The Teltonika routers are industrial quality routers with many useful features not found in other routers

  • High speed 100 Mbps LTE with Dual SIM and configurable switchover/switchback rules
  • Secure WiFi that can be enabled only when technician arrive at site
  • Multiple simultaneous WiFi functions/hotspots with client and server profile
  • OpenVPN/GRE/IPsec and PPTP VPN client and server support
  • Configure your own sms command list to control/restart or request status from router
  • SSH to the router and setup your own IPtables for any and advanced routing/mangling
  • Built-in GPS interfaces with standard tracking servers to double as tracking device
  • Analog and Digital IO with RS485 and RS232 allows this router to also control peripherals
  • USB and micro-SD allow the router to become intelligent with peripherals and log large volumes of data
  • Extensive web interface with very flexible menus for setting up everything
Contact us for a list of all the options and different models or if you require some custom software on the routers.

VMS image

Low Power Variable Message Signs (VMS)

The 19" or 490mm overhead traffic panels are 100% machine manufactured and offer the brightest and lowest power option for integrators and clients due to our low energy loss mechanism to drive the LEDs and the efficient optical design. The power consumption is so low in comparison with leading manufacturers that the savings on the copper alone to power the sign is worth more the the cost of the sign itself. Lower energy consumption also translate to lower environmental management in the sign. Each LED panel is fitted with its own 32-bit processor with on-board diagnostics and even the ability to drive the rest of the sign. Some features

  • Spread spectrum brightness control extend power supply life and limit EMI
  • EN12966 compliant and certified
  • Each board has voltage, temperature
  • Automatic addressing and configuration
  • No special cables required - CAT6 machine crimped cables increase reliability
  • Fully waterproof LED boards
  • Built-in font generator
  • Field firmware programmable down to single panel level
  • Multi-protocol - you can retrofit existing signs with these panels
VMS image

NTCIP controllers

Our NTCIP controllers also support multiple sign board manufacturers. The NTCIP controller is independently tested against the latest NTCIP standard.

  • Linux operating system
  • Dual SIM LTE Connectivity
  • Multiple digital photocell support
  • Touch screen with graphical interface for technician
  • Full local and remote sign diagnostics
  • GPS time source
BLE sign image

Vehicle mounted LED sign

The vehicle mounted LED sign achieves superior sunlight readability as well as very wide viewing angle. These two aspects are often not achieved on LED signs, because it require much brighter and more powerful LEDs to produce a considerable amount of LED energy./p>

LED flash

High speed photographic LED Flash

The high speed photographic LED flash is able to produce a 4200 Watt LED light pulse from 1/100000 s up to being continuously on. It features a 868 MHz wireless and wired interface. With a built-in rechargable battery you never have to carry separate batteries with you. One of the advantages of the LED flash is that the output is extremely precise. The full output power is available 1/1000000 after trigger and remains for the full duration of the trigger. Xenon flash units deliver a discharge with a change in light intensity throughout the illumination duration. The LED flash does not require periodic lamp replacement as the LEDs will typically outlast the life of the flash unit

POS image

Mobile Point of Sale terminal

The mobile Point of Sale terminal is a low cost device to serve the ticketing market with a few specialised features

  • Dual SIM GPRS communication
  • GPS location and time source
  • Crypto authentication with 256bit keys
  • ISO 14443 smartcard interface
  • High duty cycle durable keypad
  • Optional colour touch screen
  • Optional NFC reader
  • Optional barcode reader/camera

We offer long term production without model and part changes.

Vehicle Tracking

With millions of tracking devices installed worldwide, Teltonika offers a field proven, reliable range of tracking devices for equipment and vehicles. Flexible integration options makes this an ideal option for custom and specialised applications. Special features of the devices include

  • Integrated 3 axis accelerometer for dead reckoning
  • Multiple RS232 interfaces with data through feature to interface directly from server to field equipment
  • Garmin interface for driver routing/scheduling/dispatching and text communications
  • Flexible and customizable CAN interface to log and report engine and gearbox metrix
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Immobilizing and driver authentication through secure keys
  • Internal backup battery
  • Auto Geofencing with car towing detection
  • SMS fallback communications
  • Logging mode allow device to act as an offline data logger

Collision Avoidance

We offer radar integration with existing fleet management system to provide both driver behaviour logging, relative to other traffic and also driver assistance. It is no longer sufficient to only monitor driver behaviour through harsh braking and cornering. Some of those manouvres are warranted, but recording driver behaviour relative to other traffic on the road gives you the real picture. If you are able to plot the Time to Impact so that you can quantify the "near miss" scenarios, you can act with appropriate management intervention or training before a "near miss" becomes a "none miss". The airline industry have been applying this technique of improving safety for many years. Fleet owners now have a tool to do exactly the same. Dangerous overtaking, to close following distance, swerving to miss other traffic can now be logged and reported.

  • Audible/Visual Driver Warning
  • Integration into fleet management systems
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles
  • Automatic downloading of incidents
  • Real-time alert if driver ignore safety warnings
  • Automatic request of call centre call to driver
  • Report driver behaviour and driver safety level
  • Record incidents and dangerous driving
  • Report absolute measurements
Here is a demonstration that we have done of Time to Impact measurement in poor visibility. Note that the video appears to be running fast, but it is not. It is true speed representing true driving speed at 80km/h on a gravel road and show the value of radar sensing.

All the products are on display at our office in Cape Town. Please visit or contact us.

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