We are design manufacturers. We can design new products to your specifications when you order products from us. You therefore get the benefit of a customised cost effective and unique product without having to spend large amounts on R&D. We employ many hardware and software design parts that are proven, in production in other products and already field tested.
Most of our existing hardware design parts are down to component level, which allow us a lot of flexibility to achieve design elegance in form, function and price whereas competitors tend to use ready-made modules. Using component level hardware parts reduces the risk of obsolescence and also significantly reduces the manufacturing cost as volume increases. In addition to these manufacturing benefits we also have the ability to employ innovative and unique low level control and optimisation that allow our products to mostly outperform competing products in all respects.

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We offer a wide range of IoT devices for remote monitoring and logging. We manufacture Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Data Translators, Data Loggers and Programmable Controllers. We have proven reliability with a few thousand controllers in operation in corrosive and wide temperature environments. Our controllers support various standard industrial protocols used in the Power, Building Automation and Automotive sectors. We also offer OEM and customised controllers. We can help you setup your own enterprise server infrastructure running Linux or Windows server.
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Generator and Power Monitoring

The generator monitoring controllers can be used to upgrade a manual generator to an automated digital Genset controller or it can enhance the existing digital controller features
  • Inspection and Service mechanic authentication and logging through digital key
  • Diesel, oil, coolant, thermal, battery and radar flywheel sensing
  • Auto-start stop with pre-start audible warning and override
  • Low cost thermal imaging of friction and electrical parts for pre-warning
  • Integrated remote security and theft deterrence

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Road and rail traffic monitoring

The Stuttgart controllers provide a cost effective and flexible traffic logger and traffic detector interface. We have implemented the Smart Microwave Sensors radar sensor protocol, Citilog video detection protocol, Wavetronix radar sensor protocol. The controllers are able to:
  • Log virtually unlimited vehicle by vehicle data up to 32 GB of storage
  • Provide transparent OEM data translation from RS485, CAN, RS232 or USB to IP/Ethernet
  • Provide simultaneous detection output (up to 28 detector outputs) and traffic logging
  • Web interface with logged data tables
  • SNMP & NTCIP interfaces to data

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Central monitoring software

Our central monitoring software provide full SCADA functionality. A limited free version is offered with all products that can be installed on a Windows, Unix or Linux client PC or Server. The software offer the following remote logging, monitoring and alarming capabilities:
  • Open SQL database running on Linux/Windows Server
  • Unlimited users web-based access
  • Unlimited MIMIC panels with animation and scripting support
  • Unlimited data points/nodes and devices
  • Password authentication with complex user and user group roles
  • Automated scheduled or alarm triggered reports & sms with graphs and XLS attachments
  • Support for SNMP, Modbus, DNP, Modbus, OPC, SOAP, SQL, JSON data access
  • Full auditing with alarm acknowledge logging
  • Measurement integrity monitoring with range limits and expected deviation patterns

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Speed Enforcement

Radar Vision manufacture and supply the following speed enforcement components to equipment manufacturers and service providers:
  • 3D and 4D multi target tracking radar sensors
  • Red light monitoring controllers and simulators
  • Battery powered LED flash units
  • Speed measurement and camera triggering sub-unit
Further abilities that we can offer under enforcement include:
  • Determination of stop sign violations
  • Determination of Illegal overtaking
  • Reckless driving by using Time to Impact measurement
  • Following distance violation (headway detection)
All equipment is integrated with full remote monitoring of all parameters with daily, weekly and monthly reporting of violation rate, maintenance events, camera performance, 85th percentile speeds, and most traffic parameters defined by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidelines for ITS detection using radar.

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Over height enforcement

Our over height detection system consist of a multi-lane volumetric classification system. The optical system is mounted overhead at 6-0 from ground level and is robust in heavy rain and poor visibility. The system provide traffic controller integration and full remote monitoring and firmware updating. The key features include:
  • 10mm height measurement resolution
  • Ability to include or exclude masts or poles from detection
  • Precise lane width determination
  • Warning rules determination

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ANPR and average speed enforcement

Radar vision offers average speed prosecution hardware based on unique spread spectrum system with superior recognition rate and vehicle positioning. The system advantages are:
  • Combined point and average speed measurement
  • High recognition rate
  • Full colour images
  • Lowest power consumption in industry, compact solar powered
  • Shortest distance between measurement points in industry

Tracking and Fleet

We offer an integrated state of the art Fleet solution

Collision Avoidance

Our driver monitoring and collision avoidance product is similar to those fitted currently to premium class sedan. It makes use of 3D tracking radar and is combined with an internal or external camera to provide driver assistance in various scenarios including

  • Pedestrian warning
  • Lane change warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Following distance warning
  • Dangerous overtaking warning
  • Curve assist for entering corners and curves too fast
The system constantly calculates the Time to Impact (TTI) to all targets around the vehicle and parameters can be configured according to driver capability and vehicle parameters to prevent collisions. The system complies with the level-1 requirements for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems designed towards a zero automobile fatality rate.

Traffic Signal Priority

The Radar Vision Signal Priority system combines local intelligent bus priority, bus alignment, audio announcement and traffic detection in one unit. The on-board system complies with VDV-300 standard for commercial/passenger vehicles. The system caters for:

  • Public Transport vehicles
  • Life Safety emergency vehicles
  • Police vehicles
  • Disabled persons
  • School crossings
The TSP system resolves priority or importance from all these road users based on parameters they transmit as well as parameters defined for the intersection.
  • Passenger count
  • Route origin and destination
  • Priority level or Emergency type
  • Vehicle speed or Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Importance based on route and current controller plan/cycle time
The system is able to dynamically change the decision rules through our Remote Management System which can receive conditions from other SQL, SOAP, OPC, JSON, XML, XLS file or any raw TCP source. It can also receive current traffic controller status and apply priority accordingly. For example during peak traffic times or even congested times, the TSP receiver could prioritize certain emergency vehicles, but not public transport vehicles.

Long range radar

We offer long range radar sensors to detect intruders, poachers and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The radar systems are ideal for Keypoint security, police station, Farming and event monitoring. These high end sensors are able to detect vehicles over 15km and people over 10m away and can cover up to 360 degree angle. Using digital beam forming techniques the sensor is able to track multiple targets with high precision. As such very complex behavioural rules can be implemented to trigger alarms based on origin of threat and also behaviour of threat.

Short range radar

Radar Vision developed a new generation covert security radar system that uses the latest radar technology to detect intruders approaching key points from up to 80m away. At a typical human walking speed of 1.4m/s, this detector provide 60s warning before intruders reach buildings or key points. The benefit of radar is that it can be installed covertly and provide true distance and speed measurement of targets in all weather conditions without any light. The radar emit through the covert Electrical connection box.
The radar system can be configured to include and exclude any region such as a swimming pool or regions with regular traffic. The radar is installed unobtrusively and appears like a junction box if installed next to a floodlight. The radar reports the number of targets, their speed and distance to the programmable controller that can be configured to report the threat state to the cloud, provide localised alarms, control PTZ cameras to focus in on the threat or alert security staff. The radar antenna and controller inside the junction box transmit the intruder distance and signal properties to a central computer. The central computer display the alarm and introder location on a map. Rules can be configured based on time of day, distance, speed or origin to generate an alarm, send sms, turn on certain lights or control CCTV cameras.

Intelligent tracking

The Stuttgtart Radio Transponder is automotive grade device that is able to report location as well as other metrics to other Transponders or to Intelligent Controllers described below. The transponder is offered in ISM and licensed band versions. The transponder is offered in 10dBm, 20dBm and 30dBm versions to achieve radio range up to a few kilometers. Additional sensors/devices can be connected to the tranponder and will be relayed to the intelligent controller. The tranponder can also log data and download when near an intelligent controller. The transponder is able to upload configuration from the intelligent controller to on-board equipment and sensors. The transponder can also relay information from other transponders in forming an ad-hoc mesh network.

High resolution surveillance

We offer ultra high resolution cameras up to 200 megapixel. Our digital zoom capability is different than traditional digital zoom in that the full wide angle resolution is recorded whilst the operator zoom into a specific location. So during replay the operator is able to zoom in elsewhere. The camera store the full resolution images locally in a circular buffer. If an event occur, the operator can mark a certain buffer for transfer to the control centre.

Acoustic Shield

In collaboration with ADS we offer a VIRTUAL FENCE product that keeps intruders out without physical barriers by using a combination of radar or fibre sensors, intelligent control and acoustic devices. The non-lethal deterrence and crowd control systems achieve a pain threshold in under 10 seconds and have been proven effective against poachers, pirates and aggressive crowds.

An advanced solid-state radar automatically detects potential intruders at a distance and immediately activates the system's warning and deterrence capabilities. The system gains active psychological CONTROL of the situation BEFORE the perimeter is breached. The acoustic device initially broadcasts a clear intelligible warning message that is loud enough not just to surprise intruders, but in fact to scare them.If the intruders ignore such aggressive warnings and continue to approach, the system becomes exponentially louder by means of radar distance sensing. Even with top quality ear defenders, the sound becomes unbearable within a few steps. If the intruders still continue, then even before reaching a building or installation, a deterrent tone will be activated which is loud enough to achieve a pain threshold within a couple of seconds.
We have been designing large LED sign boards since 1996, for the past 20 years.Some of our products are currently deployed in South Africa, USA, UK, India and Australia. We were initially involved with the initial National Transportation for ITS Protocol (NTCIP) specification formulation by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)


We customise the boards according to your specific needs. We have numerous reference designs with software, protocols, LED controllers, etc ready for manufacturign. The design adjustment time could be as little as 2 weeks before production.

Speed Signs

We combine radar sensors with very simple LED panels to produce LED speed signs. This can be combined with a logging device to log traffic. Adding a low cost camera allow low cost informal speed management by body corporates or management at organisations

Vehicle mounted signs

Our bluetooth LED signs is strap or magnetic mount and is available in half size as in the image or full size. The LED panels can be populed front and backwards facing or either one depending on your requirements. The sign interfaces through bluetooth to mobile devices and this allow a mobile app to post messages. We have developed a sample Android app that post messages, adjust the brightness and control the scrolling. This is an ideal hardware kit for app developers to build apps that would

  • Change messages depending on the vehicle GPS location, greeting the company or location where it is
  • Upload new messages via the 3G network on the mobile phone
  • Scroll client or marketing messages on the sign based on the next delivery/collection

The technologies and parts in hardware that we have at our disposal include the following

  • Very low cost Ethernet capability
  • Composite USB devices for Linux, MAC and Windows
  • Ultra low cost Bluetooth Low Energy capability
  • High Performance 3D Tracking Radar sensing
  • Extremely low cost UHF Radio links
  • Best quality mono and colour LED displays and optical testing equipment
  • Low cost radar sensing and radar simulators
  • Very high flux LED illumination
  • Low cost thermal imaging
  • Handheld printing
  • High power acoustic hailing or deterrence devices
  • GSM and WCDMA cellular designs with dual and embedded SIM
  • Low cost data logging in industrial applications
  • GPS designs with low cost integrated antennas
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Capacitive and Resistive touch screens
  • Active tag tracking

  • Software components that we have mastered and are available for customer products include

  • Low embedded level video analytics and pattern recognition
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR)
  • Embedded Linux server
  • Embedded network video recording (NVR)
  • Linux and Windows GUI rapid development
  • Remote Firmware Updating of all our microprocessor products
  • NTCIP communications
  • CAN and J1939 commercial vehicle bus
  • Open Building Exchange client and server(Obix)
  • Modbus over RS485 and TCP client and server
  • Embedded SNMP, HTTP post, get, Json
  • Enterprise SCADA with thousands of devices
  • VDV interfaces for public transport
  • ERTMS compliant rail software and UI
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) compliance for critical software
  • Cellphone integration on Android and IOS
  • We have also operated in the following environments

  • Rail rolling stock
  • Rail infrastructure
  • Public Transport
  • Automotive
  • Rugged outdoor products
  • Large scale and heavy products
  • Very low cost very high volume consumer products
  • Military grade products
  • Contact us with your requirements. We provide customised solutions based on our base technology.

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