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Radar Vision


We have completed expert consulting and design projects in the following industries

  • Energy and building management
  • Retail
  • Traffic management and enforcement
  • Rail and public transport
  • Security

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We design and manufacture

  • Radar products
  • Camera and Laser products
  • Wireless/Radio products
  • Intelligent controllers and power monitoring
  • Payment systems, data encryption and evidential management

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We offer customised, OEM and white label solutions

  • Electronic displays
  • Remote monitoring
  • Enforcement
  • Fleet management
  • Policing and security

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We manufacture high reliability industrial products locally and also license customised products in other countries to encourage local manufacturing. In key areas that we do not manufacture, we represent foreign industry leaders



We have RADAR, OPTICAL, THERMAL and ACOUSTIC sensors for traffic, safety, security, and process automation. Measurement is the cornerstone of management and often determines how competitive and optimised a solution could be. Talk to us to select the best sensor for the accuracy that you require and to be robust under the conditions that you expect. Read more...

Communication Products


We have industrial and consumer UHF, GSM, Bluetooth radio products. Check out our low cost consumer bluetooth low energy products that you can integrate into any of your own solutions. Read more...

Industrial Controllers


Our range of high reliability Stuttgart controllers is second to none in the industry for reliability, connectivity and features. We combine the capabilities of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Logger and Remote Terminal Unit(RTU) in a single DIN rail compact unit. Read more...

LED Products

Radar Vision manufacture a range of NTCIP LED controllers and LED panels for industrial and traffic applications. We also design specialised LED products such as high power photographic LED flash units for high speed photography. Read more...

Automotive products

We offer automotive radar sensors for Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking from Smartmicro. We also offer a very wide range of vehicle tracking devices and automotive routers from Teltonika. Read more...

Payment products

We manufacture specialised mobile ticketing and payment terminals with enhanced security, GPS, tracking, dual SIM and high duty cycle keypad/printer. Contact us with your custom requirements. Read more...

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